Resolve eight long beeps issue in DELL Laptops

One morning, I was working on an important project. Without any warning, my 8-year-old Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop went blank and restarted on its own. I was hearing 8 constant long beeps from thereon, everytime I started my laptop. I went ahead and spent INR 2600/- in getting it diagnosed and rectified the issue by a certified engineer.
Once back in work, the first week or so there was no issue at all. The laptop was working in perfect condition. My project was nearing its completion. Right then, my screen was again blank and 8 beeps were ringing back. I had again hit the roadblock. I did some research and found this was a common problem with DELL laptops after a particular period.
While doing research for an easy and cost effective solution to avoid the engineer. I came across a solution, simple steps to follow.


 Make sure to switch off the laptop.
  1. Press ‘D’ key and hold.
  2. Press Start or  while holding the ‘D’ key.
  3. Continue holding ‘D’ key until you see a single color screen. Release ‘D’ key once the colored screen appears.
  4. You will see color pattern loop starting with White, Black, Red, Green, and Blue. Finally, your laptop will be back in action.
For myself, the eight long beeps issue still persisted. After I tried the above step for the first time but now at-least my work is not hampered. Also, keep saving your stuff whenever you get a chance. It’s a good habit to have and beneficial in many ways. I have also set auto-recovery feature in my Word, Excel, and PowerPoint down to three mins. This helps me when I forget to save the updates in my saved documents or presentations.
I hope this helps you guys too as it helped me. Please post your comments below. I will keep them in check.
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